Chelsea Vs Man Utd., Not Weekend Trimmer Distances

Even though it rained after criticism from Anfield since it carries only one point, JoseMourinho remains firm on his stance that it is not yet time for Manchester United, sticking to a tight Premier League champion candidates.


Author: Sapto Haryo Rajasa


Now is not the time for we hope would draw near to the top of the standings while.This weekend is the moment for us to keep a distance with those who are up there, Mourinho said as soon as spoken to the Red Devils official site.


In addition to trying to give reasons following a goalless result against Liverpool, the coach while also commenting on the plan the encounter United, his new Club, against Chelsea, his former club who delivered victory in the Premier League three times, on Sunday (23/10).


When the time comes, then we will achieve three, four, or even five wins in a row. At that time we will fight any rivals in order to contest the League title, “continued the man Portugal.


It is difficult to define in a period where the intended Mou. If you see a schedule which will be very United, practically no sequence up to five parties categorized streak lightly.


After the visit to Chelsea, following United’s opponents are Burnley, Swansea, Arsenal and West Ham.


In early December, Everton and Tottenham already awaits them. Well, if ever there are five opponents on paper can be conquered, that recently appeared in medio December to enter the first weekend in January.


The team that will be encountered is Rubidium Crystal Palace, West, Sunderland, Middlesbrough, and West Ham.


MOU is definitely not a class coach teri, the original issuing comments without thinking.


The titles she held together with Porto, Internazionale, Real Madrid, and Chelsea proved that behind the nyelenehnya speech and actions of one man shows his trademark, he can guarantee the arrival of the trophy.


Therefore, it behoves the United fan to give time for the Mou to prove the utterance. It took extra time to unify the scattered pieces since the Red Devils no longer België Sir Alex Ferguson.


He could be tried at the time of the season touched the finish line later.


Damage The System


When the phrase keep your distance has been diapungkan, meaning a fanatical Manchester United fan had to be ready to accept the fact that Mou will again appear pragmatic when they find the public with Stamford Bridge.


Composition might have been changed from the pitch at Anfield, but with major intensity to damage the system.


Players like Marouane Howard character vandal, Ander Herrera, or Michael Carrick was very probably return since football began. In fact, Ashley Young, who surprisinglybecame the starter in game cons Liverpool, Fulham again believed to devour the minute of play.


However the form of composition, the initial mission of the Mou is not necessarily giving leeway for Chelsea personnel to develop the game. Creations must have terminated since the ball was still redirected from behind into the middle.


Success melakoninya up to 60 minutes of the new Mou, selecting the option to try to steal points or remain satisfied with a figure.


Chelsea’s new coach, Antonio Conte, had yield 1-2 from Liverpool in The Brigde and then later back to swallow defeat when melakoni derbi London against Arsenal.


A condition that describes that Conte has still not found the formula patent subjectscheme as well as the selected personnel.


A pair of consecutive defeat that also became a turning point for Conte to do radical changes.


Rather than continue the formation of 4-4-2, 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 that has been worn,Conte began to introduce the scheme three defender which he populerkan at Juventus while reaching for the quarter-finals in three seasons along with The Old Lady ofConte.


The difference is, if Juventus compositionally more at 3-52, in Chelsea Conte wear3-43. The fruit of this one decision Italiano directly visible in the last two games, in which Chelsea a 2-0 win over Hull and a 3-0 victory over Leicester City.


The Player looks slick response giving him (Conte). We always obey what is requested at the time of exercise and while in the field. If the tip is to make the team better,all appear to be in the same boat one, “said Jon Obi Mikel to the Goal.


In the eyes of the hosts team, Mikel Conte rather more nyetel than when Mourinhocoached.


The influx of Marcos Alonso and Victor Moses as the sector wing proved to be a keyattack smoothly flowing out.


Bergesernya Eden Hazard‘s position more into, and instead repeatedly advanced onthe leading line, thus making the game increasingly bite.


After experiencing two defeat of Liverpool and Arsenal, it is very important when we can give different answers (two victories over Hull and Leicester,” said Chelsea Conte.

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