United Kingdom players suffered at Man City and Chelsea

Manchester United’s midfielder France origin, Paul Pogba, sending a message to Manager Jose Mourinho related best position himself above the field.
Paul Pogba has just brought Les Bleus beat the Netherlands 1-0 in Amsterdam Arena, Monday (10/10/1999), in a group A match of World Cup qualifying European zone of 2018.
Spurn Pogba remotely on the 30th minute was the only goal in a duel.
The shot from a distance of 32 metres of it being the first goal Pogba to France from outside the penalty box from a total of 60 attempts.
After the game, the world‘s most expensive football player reveals himself prefers toplay more forward, as requested, the Sepatu Specs France coach Didier Deschamps, now face theNetherlands.
“I was a player who would rather be in the position to the next,” said Pogba as reported by the Manchester Evening News.
“Coach gave me instructions and I tried to follow it,” he said again.
On the other hand, Pogba should play more to the back while wrapped uniform United. The thing that makes this 23 year old midfielder is considered less contribute.
Of the eight game season 2016-2017 with The Red Devils, Pogba recently contributed one goal.
Manchester United fans are still awaiting feasibility around 89 million pounds (around Rp 1.42 trillion) Pogba. Because, while defending Juventus last season he was soaggressive with nicks 10 goals and 16 assists.
Whether Mourinho would like to hear the code from Pogba?
Premier League set Anthony Taylor to lead the duel between Liverpool and Manchester United at Anfield Stadium, Tuesday (17/10/1999).
This appointment became the fresh wind to the home team. Because, historyproves, Liverpool are most often get a penalty in a match which was led by Taylor.
Taylor has given six penalties in 22 matches for Liverpool since the season 2010-2011. Throughout the penalty has always led West team goals for The Reds.
In fact, the original referee Manchester briefly gave two penalties in one game for Liverpool. It happened when Liverpool a 2-1 win over West Ham United, April 6, 2014.
The fact is certainly worth a look out for Man United, which just get two penalty in 14 matches, led by Taylor.
What’s more, kick 12 pas became one source of goals for Liverpool in the summer of 2016-2017. They’ve scored four goals through a penalty in the Premier League this season.
The whole penalty is able to convert James Milner become goals. As a result, players who operate as left back it became top scorer while the Club this season.
Research Centre for Sports Studies (CIES) show, Manchester City and Chelsea are categorized as stingy ration of giving play to the player United Kingdom.
In Chelsea, the player United Kingdom just get a ration of 16 percent of total minutes in the Premier League, 20162017. For this measure, the team called The Blues ranks second lowest.
United Kingdom players suffered at Man City and Chelsea
Of the six players in the Chelsea Squad, United Kingdom just John Terry and Gary Cahill who is a member of the core team. Cahill melakoni 840 minutes and Terry 373minutes.
Under Chelsea, Man City is there with a record 17 percent ration of playing for United Kingdom players. This is understandable because of the lack of number of local players in the squad for Manchester City.
Of the 23 players, only four of whom came from the Sepatu Specs Terbaru United Kingdom, namely Angus Gunn, John Stones, Raheem Sterling, and Fabian Delph.
The incoming player core team is also free of Stones and Sterling. In the Premier League, both of which receive rations total 1,143 seconds.
The contribution of Chelsea and Man City are just better than Watford, who just gave a nine percent minutes playing for United Kingdom players.
Meanwhile, Arsenal and Man United are still better with a note in the top 20 percent for local players.
Note the minor is directly proportional to the contribution of Chelsea and Man City for a United Kingdom national team. In the current squad, both clubs just donate one player each.
Cahill represents Chelsea and Man City represents the Stones. As for the Sterling appearances due to injury.

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