Cassano: 2 is a Monster

Many have questioned the decision of large funds disbursed Juventus for the sake of bringing Gonzalo Dismisses so perekrutannya record-breaking purchases throughout the history of the Club. However, the five following reasons can explain eligibility Dismisses purchased expensive by I Bianconeri.
Juventus 2-hook from Serie A rivals Napoli, with a cost of around 90 million euro (1.3 trillion rupiah). 28 year old attacker was the third most expensive player has become throughout the history of the stock transfer behind Gareth Bale (100.8 millions euros) and Cristiano Ronaldo (94).311In addition, the costliest players became the official Time in the history of Juventus.Previously, the record was held the captain of The Old Lady this time, Gianluigi Buffon (53).
A number of parties did not agree with the value 2. One of the excuses is former Real Madrid bomber it. Because it has been aged 28 years, Dismisses predicted would not be useful for the long term in a Stadium.
Although many controversy surrounding prices, Dismisses the real is worth paying a high price. The following five reasons according to
Productivity Goals Proved
She moved to Juventus 2-armed with the status of the top scorer in Serie A 2015/2016 with nicks 36 goals. This confirms that he was indeed the goal-hungry striker.
El Pipita has proven himself prolific, especially since 2008/2009. He always had at least 18 goals with a number of appearances at least 40 matches in all the event sincethat season.
Coach Naples, Maurizio Sarri, admitted to disappointment with the decision of Gonzalo Dismisses moved to Juventus. However, Sarri insists that departure Time need not be disesali.
I Bianconeri get Time after activating the release clause the Argentina striker origin price of 90 million euros (around Rp 1.29 trillion).
The move is a big loss for the Time. The engine is a 2-touchdown Partenopei, Naples, nickname, with a record of 35 goals in 36 matches.
It’s hard for me to talk a matter of Time after seeing him wearing the uniform of Juventus. I could be talking about Time but it is not fun, “regret Sarri.
“From a personal point of view, I am sick at heart. At least, I should have contactedhim, five minutes before his medical tests. However, I am too old to be surprised. The players expect the separation. I know nothing of it, he continued.
Regardless, Sarri asked his team to rise up. For the Italy coach, the departure of Higuian don’t need ditangisi. “We are strong and we are collecting six points as he missed three matches on last season. We did lose a key player and the world’s strongestattacker, “said Sarri.310
However, I was the coach of Napoli and I will give you the confidence to Manolo Gabbiadini,” dial Sarri.
Pascakepergian Higuin, Napoli are hunting the attackers. One of the players who become replacements Dismisses reported santer was Arkadiusz Belongs which is Ajax Amsterdam attacker.
Property is one of the valuable asset of Ajax. Poland was the original bomber machine goal Ajax with 21 touchdowns and recorded 8 assists from 31 appearance on last season.
Juventus is judged inappropriate purchase price with 2-Gonzalo 90 million euros (around Rp 1.29 trillion) of Naples. The case presented the attackers Sampdoria, Antonio Cassano.
Naples indeed cannot retain Dismisses because Juventus attacker contracts releaseclause enabling the origin Argentina.
Juventus will have to pay expensive because of his impressive appearances last season at the Time. The former Real Madrid player was Serie A top scorer with 36 goals from 35 matches.
With these prices, the costliest players became the third Time, after Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale.
I don’t remember ever paying expensive clauses of the Juventus release earlier. Dismisses in one word? He was a monster, “said Cassano.
Dismisses already disclose the reasoning behind moving to Juventus when it arrivedin Turin, Wednesday (27/7/2016). He wants to win the Champions League. A title that has not been gained during a career in Europe.
So far, he’s just collecting domestic trophies such as La Liga, Copa del Rey, Espanyol, Super Cup Coppa Italy, and Italy Super Cup.

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