Hundreds Of Supporters Of The Presidential Residence Milan Assault

About 250 supporters of AC Milan launched an invasion in protest at the residenceClub President, Silvio Berlusconi, at the Villa San Martino, Arcore, Thursday (29/7/2016).
Material rally Milan ultras groups related uncertainties afflicting their clubs this summer.
The main issue is the question of the sale of shares of the club that continues to drag on. The operation of the acquisition of the ownership of Milan with original Chinese investors have yet to reach the point of clarity.
Stock buyers, Sonny Wu, demanded the resignation of two additional weekend timeperiod specified before the end of July.
This occurs because authorities GSR Capital, a giant investment company of China, it takes time to change managerial structure at the Club and through the administrative process.308
This delay effect conferring on stagnation of Milan on the stock transfer.
Without enough capital that goes, there is no coming of the new star players also can inject strength in the squad‘s Vincenzo Montella.
“Three person delegation were greeted by Milan supporters Berlusconi in Arcore. Their question is always the same, when the sale of shares is complete? Origin of Chinese investors who exactly? “
Thus the report proclaimed Goal Italy related fan protest the Rossoneri in Arcore which included demands to let Vice President Adriano Galliani resigned.
The potential for positive financial balance sheets for Milan in front of eyes at this time will only be obtained through the sale of Jeremy Menez to Bordeaux.
Only, the transfer was not presenting a cash infusion. Menez leave for free.
The positive thing is the salary expenditure saving Milan attacker a 3 million euro for the year ahead.
Massive source of funding which most likely is through the transfer of Carlos Bacca(30). The sale of striker that Colombia would inject 30 million euro cash lifeline.
However, Bacca refused the proposal of West Ham United, so it inhibits the influx offresh funds opportunities in pockets of Berlusconi cs.
As a result, the fate of the Rossoneri to move Exchange transfer still depends on the decision of Bacca.
Napoli begin life without Gonzalo Dismisses, Thursday (29/7/2016). Club beralias I Partenopei through it by destroying the Serie B clubs, Virtus Entella, with a score of 5-0.
Victory appeared in test matches in the Trento. The party is warming the first duelmade Naples post-inauguration of the transfer Time to Juventus.
Maurizio Sarri as troops did not want to be affected by the departure of the formerscoring machine.
Lorenzo Insigne cs appears as normal, attractive and sharp, to give birth to five touchdowns plus the actions of the players.
Partenopei opened the score via the opposing goalkeeper, suicide Alessandro Iacobucci was (28 minutes).
Napoli star is an attacking midfielder Dries Mertens, who scored dwigol in the next10 minutes (47 ‘, 57 ‘). Two touchdowns the rest of the created Insigne and David Lopez.
Towards the end, Sarri also introduced their new players, a Emanuele Giaccherini, given up the debut.
Coach Entella, Roberto Breda, judge Napoli appear enticing though minus reinforced Dismisses.
Napoli has lost one of its three best strikers in the world, but special credit worth given to Sarri. They keep playing fantastic, “said Breda to Crc Radio.
The attackers later Juventus, Gonzalo Dismisses, reply to criticisms pungent President Napoli, Aurelio De Laurentiis.
2 was officially removed from the Juventus Napoli with around 90 million euros or around Rp 1.29 trillion. It makes mention of the former De Laurentiis star as a traitorand don’t know thank you.
On hearing the sentence, Dismisses foster‘s talk.
“I can only say that now I don’t have a relationship with him because of the way he thinks is not with me. The decision I’ve made is also because of him, “said 28-year-old striker was as reported by the U.S., Thursday (29/7/2016).
When asked what should be done to make it survive De Laurentiis in Naples, Dismisses the more shows that he does not fit in with the patrons.
“When my third year there ended, I felt it was time for a change. I want to thank myteammates and the tifosi, but not him. I can’t say more than that, “said Dismisses.
Serie A top scorer (36 goals) 2016 is even the ensures the sentence expresses itselfnot harmonious with De Laurentiis.
“I no longer have any relationship with De Laurentiis,” said Dismisses.
He did not treat me well and we don’t have a relationship. I can’t stand being near him for a minute, he said again.
The departure Time to Juventus Napoli fans so regrettable. Because, ex speaker of gedor Real Madrid plays an important role delivering Il Partenopei find their trophy Coppa Italy (2014) and Italy Super Cup (2014).

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