Tevez: I did bad things in Man. City

By surprise surrender Juventus 0-1 Serie A gatekeeper of 2014/15, Parma, Saturday (11/4), via a single goal Jose Mauri.


At a press conference Friday (10/4), the coach of Juventus, Massimiliano Allegri, telling him would lose the best team against Parma, Saturday (11/4).


47-year-old man it’s even said that the bomber‘s flagship, Carlos Tevez, combat ready in the stadium Ennio Tardini. Tevez absence in leg II semifinals Coppa Italy versusFiorentina at the middle of last week.


In fact, the Juventus squad in action face Parma could be said is the upholstery.


Allegri rest Tevez and Alvaro Morata, two of the most prolific Juventus striker this season. The line of attack be occupied duet Fernando Llorente and Kingsley Coman.


Italy, La Stampa daily, to write the headline to report this action: Juventus, Champions alla Testa (Juventus, there are Thoughts in the UEFA Champions League).


Carlos Tevez (31) briefly holds the status as Manchester City goal machine. On the other hand, he also once condemned because it often opposed Roberto Mancini asManager of The Citizens at that time.


In an interview with the newspaper La Repubblica, Italy, Tevez confessed to not being nice while grazing along with Manchester City.


I made a mistake in the City. Obviously there is no trust between us, “said Tevez.


I know, I have a bad attitude,” he added.


Although never in trouble in the Premier League, a number of United Kingdom clubs still wants Argentina footballer. But Tottenham hopes to return to Boca Juniors and retire his old Club. (wta)


The appearance of a disappointing AC Milan demonstrated this season makes a wide array of issues off the field develops. One of the reserved stock sale plan the Rossoneri to a number of investors from Asia.


Recently, Fu Yixiang, Vice Chairman of the Board of Commerce ItalyChina, admittedhe will buy half the shares of Milan together four major companies based in China.


“We are really going to buy half of the overall stock value Milan that reached more than 1 billion euros (about 13 trillion rupiah). Not a secret anymore, Berlusconi did indeed was intending to sell some shares in the near future, “said Yixiang.


During this time, Berlusconi insisted denied all the rumors about the sale of shares.Yixiang call rebuttal leveled Berlusconi Berlusconi plans to foolishness and sticking to sell shares of the Milan did not get the approval of his family.


Berlusconi became Milan’s main stock owner since 1986. In addition to mastering all shares Milan, Berlusconi also has a number of key business land in Italy, namely theMilano Due (settlement), Telemilano (subscription tv), and Fininvest (media group).


The appearance of a disappointing AC Milan demonstrated this season makes a wide array of issues off the field develops. One of the reserved stock sale plan the Rossoneri to a number of investors from Asia.


Since January 2000, there are at least three big name rumored soon bought most of the shares. The third of that name is, Bee Taechaubol (Mr. Bee), Poe Qiu Ying WangShuo (Mr. Pink), and Zong Qinhou.


Recently, turn the Yixiang Fu foster talk about the issue of the purchase of shares. Yixiang admits he will buy half the shares of Milan together four great groups based in China.


The four groups that were Wahaha Group, Wanda Group, Huawei Group, and Alibaba Group. This step was taken as an alternative to searching for the way out over the expensive stock prices.


The great name of Milan is very well-known in China. One of the proof is visible when Milan visited Beijing in 2011. Their presence draws the attention of the fans, “said Yixiang, who served as Vice Chairman of the Board of Commerce ItalyChina.


The draw earned Milan kala entertain Sampdoria made their ambitions to qualify forEuropean competition next season to the more difficult. The rossoneri linked to seven points of Fiorentina, who sits in the safe zone final of the European competition.


Although the remaining eight live matches, coach Filippo Inzaghi did not want to discouraged. Former bomber Milan was still convinced the son of asuhnya was able toqualify for the European competition next season.


One of the way to finish in the top five were Derbi won the Milan which was conducted on April 19, at the San Siro. A victory over Inter believed would arouse the fighting spirit the Rossoneri.


“We must maintain the spirit and style of play that is well above the field toward theDerbi. We have to work harder to achieve that target, “said Inzaghi.


At the inaugural edition of the derbi this season, Milan was only able to play 1-1 draw. Milan had a superior passing touchdowns Jeremy Menez. But kelengahan rear lines make Joel Obi equalize in the second half.

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