8 Note that supports Liverpool win over Burnley

After a sensational appearance at the opening match of the Premier League Liverpool 2016-2017, return status. This time they were hosted Burnley. On paper, there is nothing to preclude The Reds to take home three points.
Historical factors and forces players into the red for the capital to continue the positive trend. However, some records may not be skipped the strongholds of Merseyside, especially seeing the spirit of Burnley.Here’s 8 note before a match Burnley versus Liverpool.325
1. Burnley had never scored a goal against Liverpool in the Premier League, and suffered four defeats.
2. Liverpool has a record of 100 percent victory when meets The Clarets. The same entry with Cardiff and Bournemouth, which also always conquer Burnley.
3. The Reds into one between two Premier League team which is able to prevent Burnley scoring. Other teams are Swansea City.
4. the last action on the 9 Burnley in the Premier League, they scored only seven goals.
5. on the last away game 9, Liverpool scored 41 goals average aka 4.6 goals per match.
6. Simon Mignolet had a chance to200 appearances scoring in the Premier League.If that happens, he equaled the record of Marouane Howard (203) and Vincent Kompany (220).
7. Mignolet withstood a penalty players Arsenal. That means he‘s been frustrated in5 of 11 penalties in the Premier League.
8. top print Sadio Mane in nine‘s last appearance in the Premier League.
Chelsea will be a guest for Watford on matchday 2 Premier League 2016-2017, at Vicarage Road Stadium, Saturday (20/8/2016). Not an easy struggle for the guest Team Fortress, although materially they are superior.
Chelsea cannot counter The meeting notes throw over the Hornets. However, the optimism of fans The Blues is okay, because their appearance at the opening party of the Premiership 2016-2017, lasts quite good.
The following 7 fact admits Watford action counter Chelsea.
1. Watford has already met three times with Chelsea at Vicarage Road, and reapingthe results once the win, once the series and once uprooted. The last victory occurred in September 1999 Watford, via gol Allan Smart.
2. the Victory became the only maximum on 15 victories from the final pertermuan in all competitions, with 9 defeats.
3. Antonio Conte only once defeated in 31 League matches as Manager, with 28 WINS and 2 series.
4. Antonio Conte and Walter Mazzarri met seven times in Serie A as Manager. Mazzarri winning only once, i.e. when handling the Napoli in January 2010, when Contemenukangi Atalanta. After that, three wins and reap the Conte‘s three series.
5. After scoring against West Ham United in this season’s inaugural game, Diego Costa scored 6 goals in eight matches along with Chelsea in August.
6. Since joining in the summer of 2014, Diego Costa scored 33 touchdowns aka more than 14 goals Chelsea players in the same period. The only one who approachedCosta is Eden Hazard (19 goals).324
7. Eden Hazard scored five goals in his last six appearances in the Premier League.
Tottenham Hotspur could reap a big victory when they edged past Crystal Palace on matchday 2 Premier League 2016-2017, at White Hart Lane Stadium, Saturday(20/8/2016) tonight. Although traditionally the seven last meeting ended up with 4 results series, players become a host excellence.
The following facts before game 7 Hotspur cons Crystal Palace.
1. Crystal Palace reaped four defeats in the last meeting of the i6 cons Hotspurs. Neil Shipperley‘s last victory at White Hart Lane occurred in November 1997.
2. Harry Kane reaped none of the three goals in the last match of the Premier League. The last time he recorded the results worse happened last season, when he scored 6 goals in the party.
3. If Harry Kane scored a goal, it will be the 50th collection. He also would collect a total of 88 goals throughout his career, and joined in the top 10 fastest achievementalong with Robbie Fowler.
4. Erik Lamela scored 3 goals and 4 assists in seven of the last party of the Premier League.
5. Crystal Palace only reaped two WINS in 20 matches in the Premier League all 2016, with 13 defeats.
6. the Palace (11 WINS) noted the achievements of the smallest points along the 2016, even compared with the team that relegated, Newcastle United (20) and Norwich City (14).
7. Crystal Palace only reaped five points in 8 matches derbi London in the Premier League all season 2015-2016.

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