Arsenal Were Determined To Stop The Barrage Of Results Series

The Manager of Tottenham Hotspur, Mauricio Pochettino, assessing his team lost due to inappropriate played better than Chelsea in the match of the weekend Premier League 2016-2017, Saturday (26/11/1999).
If you analyse the course of the match as a whole, I think we deserve better results.However, this is football and it’s hard to explain when you perform better, but lost 1-2, “said Pochettino.
In these matches, Tottenham Hotspur had opened the excellence through ChristianEriksen‘s 11th minute. However, Chelsea countered and grabbed a 2-1 victory thanks to goals of Pedro Rodriguez (45 ‘) and Victor Moses (51 ‘).
“Always difficult to face Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. They‘ve done the preparation during the week and be in the form of a great game. However, looking at the way the game, the character of the play, it becomes something that boast. I am just disappointed at the result, “said the Manager of the origin of Argentina was.
Pochettino disappointment certainly is not without reason. Statistics Premier League, Tottenham appear to dominate the records match with the ball reached 54percent. Harry Kane and his friends also grabbed 18 opportunities that six of them accurately. As for Chelsea just grabbed 14 experiments that five of them accurately.
This defeat being the first experienced by Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League, 20162017. No matter the results extend a minor Note The Lilywhites when facing Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, which is unable to win in 27 matches for 26 years.
Current Tottenham Hotspur remained in fifth position with a value of 24. Origin of the North London Club left behind seven figure from Chelsea at the top of the standings while.
The Liverpool striker, Divock Origi, reveal several factors supporting his team’s victory over Sunderland at Anfield, Saturday (26/11/1999). According to Origi, factor support supporters as well as playing with patience as the key The Reds grabbed the three points.
Liverpool had difficulty unpacking defense of Sunderland on the first half. Several times chances created foster care Jurgen Klopp failed led to touchdowns.
The State of the increasingly complicated as the hosts lost midfielder serangnya, Philipe Coutinho. Brazil midfielder was injured and had to be engkel monument out of the field before the first half ended. Coutinho‘s role was replaced by Origi.
Knowing his team being in the pressure, the Liverpudlian is thus increasingly passionate singing and shouting shouted shouted tim kebanggannya. According to statistical data released by ESPN, a total of 53,114 spectators attended the match and can be estimated from the sum it is largely supporting The Reds who in fact is acting as host.
Entering the second half, things began to favour to Liverpool. On 75 minutes the deadlock was finally broken after Origi scored through Spurn the right foot. Before James Milner eventually closed the game with a 2-0 advantage through his efforts toexecute a penalty shortly before the game ended.
We played with oversized heart. We also work to keep pressing the opponent. The cries of supporters participated and motivates us to continue to pursue the team three points. And they deserve it all, “said Origi.
The Manager said to us before the game to remain patient. He said if we always play it forward then we will win all matches of our lives, “said Origi.
Scoring three points make Liverpool sit second in the standings while the Premier League standings with a value of 30. The Reds are just arguing a point with the holder of the lead the standings, Chelsea.
Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger, was determined to stop the barrage of draw withBournemouth beat way. This action will take place at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday (27/11/1999).
Arsenal live three matches which ended with the score goalless, i.e. against Tottenham and Manchester United in the Premier League, and against Paris Saint Germain in the Champions League.
We believe we have to go back to the best performance. We did not lose in some action, but if we continue like this, it will not survive, “said Wenger.
“It’s important to be able to play fast, simple, and accurate. The moment we lose it, and we are required to be able to take decisions more quickly when creating opportunities, “he added.
For him, the match against Bournesmouth becomes important, because they are required to return to the big 3. The current difference in number between Arsenal withthe holder of the top of the table, Chelsea, adalah6 points.
“For me, for the difference in numbers is not the top of the table with 9 or 10 points, we keep on being a competitor to the title,” stated Wenger.
“We want to win again and build momentum. I understand it’s hard earned victorywhich is definitely coming, “explained Arsene Wenger.

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