Courtois: Conte Made All The Sharp Lines Of Chelsea

AFC Bournemouth beat arsenal 3-1 in a match of the weekend Premier League 2016-2017 at the Emirates Stadium, Sunday (27/11/1999).
This victory makes Arsenal remain in fourth position with a collection of provisionalstandings 28 points. Meanwhile, AFC Bournemouth down to 11th position with a value of 15.
In the game, Arsenal down using the formation 4-2-3-1 with Alexis Sanchez as the spearhead. As for AFC Bournemouth using the same formation with Callum Wilson.
Do not take action for Arsenal to open up excellence. Alexis Sanchez scored a goal in the 12th minute after a right foot shot lodged in the middle of the Bournemouthgoal.
Entered the 23rd minute, Bournemouth get a penalty after Shkodran Mustafi breaking Callum Wilson. Wilson, who became the esksekutor managed to carry out his duties after right foot shot which ripped the left corner of the goal Arsenal control of Petr Cech.
In the second half, Arsenal‘s increasingly pressing Bournemouth. The strategy directly to fruition after Theo Walcott scored a goal through a header that failed was intercepted by goalkeeper Adam Federici.327
In the 90 + 1, Alexis Sanchez returns records his name on the scoreboard. Receive feedback Olivier Giroud, Chile midfielder it let go of the right foot shot from close range that is hitting the lower left corner of the goalpost at Bournemouth. Until the game is over, there are no additional goals and Arsenal beat Huddersfield 3-1.
According to statistics Premier League, Arsenal appeared to dominate the game with the ball reached 52 percent. West London Club that releasing the 18 experiments that three of them accurate, compared to the 12 AFC Bournemouth opportunities are three of them right on target.
The Chelsea Manager, Antonio Conte, judging too early for his team for the Premier League title talking about 2016-2017. The statement was referring to the appearance of The Blues that had trouble meladeni games of Tottenham Hotspur.
It is too early to talk of the title. This League lasted a very tight. Tottenham Hotspurhave shown in this League there are six to seven teams who could win the title, “said Conte told BT Sport.
For us, it is important to continue this kind of appearance and develop confidence.A win against a tough team made me happy, but it is important to continue to thinkof the next match of the problem, “said the Manager of the origin of Italy that.
In a match that took place at Stamford Bridge, Saturday (26/11/1999), the goal Chelsea conceded more goals thanks to Christian Eriksen‘s 11th minute. However, Chelsea eventually won 2-1 through goals scored Pedro Rodriguez (45 ‘) and Victor Moses (51 ‘).
Statistics Premier League records, Chelsea was unable to dominate the course of action because it only has a mastery of 46 percent. Diego Costa and his friends grabbed 14 opportunities that five of them accurate, compared to 18 experiments belong to the Tottenham six of which were right on target.
However, Chelsea continued their positive trend by grabbing seven victories consecutively in Premier League 2016-2017. The results of that original Club West London is now entrenched at the top of the standings temporarily with a value of 31 points.
The Chelsea goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois, impressed with the performance Manager Antonio Conte that made Chelsea appeared sharp in all lines. According to Courtois, it made itself does not need too work hard in a match.
Rescue I do in a match against Tottenham Hotspur was not too difficult. Because, we found the strength in the team and the influence of the change of manager whomakes us able to win a match like this, “said Courtois.
“When we implement tactics, he will be very passionate and demanding. She’s like that in every training session. He has made Chelsea getting sharper on all lines, “saidBelgium goalkeeper berpaspor it.
Chelsea a 2-1 victory over Tottenham Hotspur in the 13th week action Premier League 2016-2017, Saturday (26/11/1999). In a match which occasions at Stamford Bridge, The Blues left behind through goals by Christian Eriksen‘s 11th minute.
The Blues scored a new stabilisation through Pedro Rodridguez on 45 minutes. Later, Victor Moses scored the winning goal as Chelsea on 51 minutes.
The seventh edition of the victory achieved in the Premier League Chelsea 2016-2017 has since used the 3-4 scheme. So far, the origin of the West London Club scored18 touchdowns and just one goal conceded.
Chelsea is currently pemuncak Torres with a collection of 31 points. Diego Costa and coauthors superior single points of Liverpool and Manchester City.

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