Happy streets, Ex Liverpool Player Reluctant So Coach

The former Manchester United player, Phil Neville, a satirical comment, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, who called Sunderland as the team that played in the Premier League‘s most defensive 2016-2017.
Klopp complained of a total style game was exhibited by Sunderland while The Reds a 2-0 victory at Anfield Stadium, Saturday (26/11/1999).
“I think those comments is comments that are unnecessary,” said Neville.
Sunderland who play as guest teams at Anfield, would not be wise to play open and build the attack from the back to the future,” he added.
Neville holds, Sunderland did not want to repeat the bad luck Watford into the Anfield (6/2/2016). By using the formation of 4-4-2, Watford tried playing open, but to no avail. Watford then were defeated by a score of 6-1, victory for Liverpool.
Watford open play at Anfield, and then they even conceded 3 goals in 20 minutes.So for me, it is not worth mentioning the Klopp Sunderland today.
Previously, Klopp mentions one of the challenges in beating Sunderland, was a verydefensive game.334
I’m not sure never faced a team that plays very survive such as Sunderland,” said Klopp.
“Almost all of their players stick to Philippe Coutinho, and Victor Anichebe who should become the attackers, even become a defender at those games,” said Klopp.
Liverpool are currently in second position standings while Premier League 2016-2017 package with 30 points from 13 matches. The Reds lagging one points from Chelsea who are at the top.
Friendship relations between managers of Antonio Conte and Mauricio Pochettinohad tested at a meeting Chelsea against Tottenham Hotspur at Stamford Bridge, Saturday (26/11/1999). Because, the coaching staff from both teams got involved on the mouth.
Chelsea and Tottenham coaching staff got involved on the mouth at the 80th minute. The trigger was the referee’s decision not to give cards to players of Tottenham, George Nkoudou, as crashing Willian. Protest Willian thus earned him a yellow card.
“We indeed had a chance to talk about it, the rest nothing important. He said it did not approve of the actions of one of my assistants, “explained the incident related Conte.
“I think our players have a great attitude. Tottenham fans as well as, providing support is fantastic. This is the reason I enjoyed a career in the United Kingdom, “addedConte.
Separately, Pochettino mention there is no problem regarding the incident. Argentina-born Manager was also claimed to enjoy this match as well as the attitude of the fans who come to Stamford Bridge.
Chelsea close the action entitled London derby that with a 2-1 victory. Villareal goalthrough Christian Eriksen‘s 11th minute, The Blues scored twice through the action of Pedro Rodriguez (45 ‘) and Victor Moses (51 ‘).
This victory makes Chelsea remain at the top of the standings while the Premier League with 31 points, pack the superior one digit from Liverpool who was in second place. Meanwhile, Tottenham Hotspur was in fifth position with 24 points.330
The former Liverpool player Patrik Berger close opportunities working in this profession as a football coach. According to Berger, the post of coaching a football team gives great pressure for him and time-consuming.
I’ll never be a coach. Too much pressure and become a coach could spend my timewith my family, “said Berger in the Liverpool FC Legends in Courts MegastoreBekasi, Sunday (27/11/1999).
I had never thought of becoming a coach. After retiring, I spend more time for family, walking and playing golf, “he said.
During Liverpool, Berger has a brilliant career for seven years. He won six trophies, including five Champion titles earned in 2001.
“Like today, I visited Indonesia for the second time. Previously I‘ve been to Bali, butwith my family. I can’t wait to meet with the Liverpool supporters here, “said Berger.
Liverpool became the Club‘s longest ever be defended Berger throughout his career. Players were left-handed-legged melakoni 179 matches scoring 31 goals in various event.
My fondest Moments was when signing a contract with Liverpool. At that time, my dream became a reality. Moreover, I never had grabbed five titles a year on 2001.0 “said former Czech player it.

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