Liverpool Defeated Sunderland at Anfield

Liverpool a 2-0 victory over Sunderland in the Premier League continued the 13th week which takes place in Anfield, Liverpool, Saturday (26/11/1999).


The victory had brought The Reds occupied the top of the table while scoring 30 points. However, that position condemned Chelsea WINS 2-1 over Tottenham Hotspur, a few hours later.


Face Sunderland, Liverpool are having trouble unpacking the opposing defense in the first half. Several times, the chance of the players Liverpool led to touchdowns.


In fact, Liverpool should lose Philippe Coutinho on 34 minutes. Brazil midfielder suffered the injury when you met in contact with Sunderland, Didier Ndong. Coutinho replaced Divock Origi.


Thus the inclusion of Origi become the saviour of the deadlock The Reds. At 75 minutes, the shots right foot midfielder Belgium it was lodged in the right hand cornerof the net that makes Liverpool Sunderland winning 1-0.


The action ended, admits Liverpool get a penalty following an offence against SadioNdong Mane. James Milner who became executor managed to score a goal at the same time closing the match with a score of 2-0.


Chelsea a 2-1 victory over Tottenham Hotspur at the weekend match Premier League which took place at Stamford Bridge, Saturday (26/11/1999). For Chelsea, this is aseven-winning streak in the League season 2016-2017.


This positive result making The Blues again entrenched in the top of the table while the Premier League with a value of 31, winning one point from Liverpool in second place. Tottenham, meanwhile, was ranked the top five with 24 points.


Playing in front of their own supporters, London Blue squads got fierce resistance from The Lilywhites. Based on statistics at the official site of the Premier League, Chelsea chalked up 48 per cent possession, compared to 52 per cent belong to the Spurs in the first half.


In addition, The Blues release the three shots that are all right on target, while Tottenham gained four excellent opportunities of 10 chances.


The goal Chelsea conceded any earlier in the 11th minute. Received from the delegation of Alli, Christian Eriksen direct hard shot from outside the penalty box.


Any ball hitting the rapids goal Chelsea who escorted Thibaut Courtois. For The Blues, this is for the first time conceded after compiling a clean sheet during 553 minutes.


Enter 45 minutes later, Chelsea managed to equalize. Results of the measured shot the ball from outside the penalty box Pedro sped smoothly get into the Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper. Score 1-1 equally strong stand up to down.


Entering the second half, Chelsea directly tancap gas. On 51 minutes, London Blue squad turned the lead. Starting from Diego Costa’s cross, Victor Moses who should not directly hard-right foot shot from inside the penalty box. Any ball streaking seamlessly fit into the goal Spurs.


Entering the final minute, the tempo of the game increased. The action of buying and selling each other’s attack is practiced by both clubs. However, until the game was over, a score of 2-1 to Chelsea.


Manchester City midfielder, Yaya Toure, Judge Hunt title this season will take place strictly because The Citizens have to compete with five other candidates.


To be honest, Manchester City’s competitors in winning the title this season is Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, and Manchester United. The League this season are difficult to predict and may be determined in two or three months, “said Yaya Toure.


Prediction of Yaya Toure on top is not without reason. Because, these clubs became the top ruler standings while with Chelsea at the Summit with a value of 31 points.


However, from a number of candidates, Yaya Toure rate more likely, Chelsea. Because the origin of the West London Club, it was only played once in a week.


Therefore, Yaya Toure ever holds a match against Chelsea on 3 December 2016 at Etihad Stadium will take place is fierce.


“When you’re a great player and play once a week such as Chelsea‘s players, it would be easier to play nice and keep fit. So they are going to benefit, “said Toure.


The match will take place later on Saturday. Surely, they have an advantage, “said 33 players that year.


Later matches will be meeting to156 for both teams at the various event. So far, Chelsea grabbed a 64 victories, Manchester City grabbed 52 victories, and 39 matchesended goalless.

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