Rojo: Manchester United should be able to win at Old Trafford

Manchester United will face West Ham United at the weekend of the 13th match of the Premier League at Old Trafford, Sunday (27/11/1999). MU who failed to win in three matches the last cage sought to finalize a bad trend.


The Red Devils had to settle for a draw results in three previous matches that took place at Old Trafford in the Premier League. They play equally strong 1-1 cons StokeCity and Arsenal, as well as being held goalless draw against Burnley.


Those results make MU is still ranked six standings while the Premier League with a value of 19. Jose Mourinho‘s Club is left behind 12 points from Chelsea who are at the top of the standings, and has already undergone a 13 game.


Nobody wants to go back to grab a point in public himself, the Red Devils were determined to pluck the victory when West Ham meets. Up the Manchester United grabbed three numbers on this duel is great.


They successfully find their 20 victories and one draw from 23 last meeting against The Hammers at Old Trafford in the Premier League action. The last time MU lost in his own headquarters from West Ham took place in May 2007 with a score of 0-1.


“In this season, there are moments when everything is running is incompatible with the desire and there are times where things are going with your expectations. We know the match is not over yet, but the fact is there is a distance between us with pemuncak standings, “said Mourinho.


There are a lot of quality teams, but we will face action for the sake of a match and see what happens. We’ll be back to play a difficult match on Sunday, so we‘ll see ifwe can get three points, “he said.


Meanwhile, the stronghold of West Ham United are not in the best performance. After grabbing two of the winning streak, The Hammers are only capable of picking one of the three points in the last game in the Premier League.


The sequence of bad results that make the West Ham is now ranked at 17 while thePremier League standings with 11 points. They are just superior productivity goals from Hull City who inhabit the place, or the last boundary zone of degradation.


Being in a minor trend, West Ham United was not at all discouraged. Dimitri Sequinand his friends are determined to steal the points at home to MU, though it is not an easy task.


I’m sure if we were able to minimize some of the mistakes we made on Saturday (losing 2-3 from Tottenham Hotspur) and with a little luck, we could take the match results on Sunday Manchester United counter,” said the West Ham Manager, SlavenBilic.


So far, Manchester United and West Ham United has 113 times met throughout thepageant competition. From the game, 113 MU grabbed 54 victories, West Ham with32 victories, and 27 matches remaining ended with a draw.


The Manchester United Defender, Marcos Rojo, called MU should be performed victory at Old Trafford. The failure of the elections caused the full points assessed Rojoas losses made The Red Devils.


The last two games in the Premier League at Old Trafford, Manchester United failed to reap maximum results. Jose Mourinho‘s Club was only able to draw 0-0 cons Burnley (29/10/1999), and 1-1 against Arsenal (19/11/1999).


The results of these inhibit the rate of MU to pursue the acquisition of points from the team that was in the top five. The Red Devils are currently inhabit six ranking standings while the Premier League with a value of 19, left behind 12 points from Chelsea who is in the top position.


Actually we deserved to win the match in the last two games at Old Trafford. I think we play better than your opponent, but we are not able to grab the victory at the end of the game. It is very disappointing, “said Rojo told MUTV.


On the weekend of the 13th game of the Premier League, Manchester United will meets West Ham United at Old Trafford, Sunday (27/11/1999). Rojo any hope, THY can elections caused the full points at the same time improve the position in the standings.


Facing the West Ham match is very important to keep our position. The victory will put us in a better position towards the Christmas period. At that period the action will run tighter and faster, refer to big changes in a short time, he continued.


In December 2016, The Red Devils will be undergoing scheduled to six matches in the Premier League. Among them five games will take place in the presence of his own supporters.


It is quite profitable Manchester United from the psychological side. For the period of the end of the year, the distance between the match result has a fairly short days.

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