De Gea Injured, Mourinho Is Ready To Call The Young Manchester United Goalkeeper

Manchester City’s Manager, Pep Guardiola, confirm when Vincent Kompany suffered no serious injuries after failing to appear in a match against Huddersfield Town which ended in a goalless fifth round FA Cup game (18/2/2017).


Guardiola had said that Kompany will be performing at the match against Huddersfield. But surprises happen once there is no name on the list of players to suspensionof Manchester City. Kompany ever speculated back got injured badly because it is absent on the action.


After the match against Huddersfield finished, Guardiola expressed if the captain only suffered minor injuries and was able to return in the near future.


Two days before the match, the Suspension felt pain in his legs. But the injury was only minor injuries. He just needs extra time recovering, “said Guardiola.


In this season, Barcelona got two different injuries i.e. injury to the groin and knee injuries. Two such injuries make the player a chance to appear alongside Manchester City became limited.


Until the 25th weekend Premier League, Barcelona‘s new record three appearancesalong with Manchester City. In total, the origin of the Belgium defender recently performed as many as six games in all competitions that followed The Citizens.


Manchester City’s Manager, Pep Guardiola, Puyol made a priority transfer The Citizens on the stock transfer of the summer 2017. Origin of the Spain Manager akna provided funds amounting to 100 million pounds ($ 1.66 trillion) for the purchased the La Pulga to Etihad Stadium.


Guardiola began to feel the pressure of competition in the Premier League. The demands of winning the title in a tight competition makes the Champions had to finda way out in order to achieve the target.


One way out in the scenario of Champions Real Madrid who is bringing is a formerasuhnya in Barcelona. Opportunity to tempt Ronaldo Messi is quite open becauseMessi failed to signed a new contract along with Barcelona. In fact, the contract would be ended along with the Madrid-Barcelona in June 2018.


An indication of the openness of the Club was changed to Real Madrid‘s chances look when Barcelona 0 Paris Saint-Germain in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16.


Messi performing poorly on the game and failing to inspire his team to reverse the position of the PSG. The scenario changed clubs be considered La Pulga having been in Barcelona since 2001.


Currently, the Manchester City left behind eight points from Chelsea in the Premier League title hunt. The Citizens opportunities to pursue the title of Premier League is still open on this season, but Barcelona have prepared plans for next season.


The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, they would call a young Manchester United goalkeeper, Dean Henderson, to be on the bench when Manchester United played against Blackburn Rovers in the FA Cup fifth round matches (19/2/2017) after David De Gea injured.


According to the News reported by the Daily Mail, De Gea experienced minor injuries while undergoing practice sessions along with Manchester United. Although it can still play, Mourinho doesn’t seem to be risked because of Manchester United will still undergo important on next week, that final League Cup matches face Southampton.


Mourinho will still evaluate the condition of De Gea to admits. If De Gea hiatus, Mourinho will rely on Sergio Romero under the crossbar. As upholstery, Henderson will be on the bench.


Henderson will be aged 20 years in March. The new keeper was called back Mourinho after undergoing a period of borrowing at Grimsby Town. During the period of borrowing, Henderson shows a solid appearance. He only conceded one goal in seven appearances along with Grimsby.


Henderson was called back because of Manchester United’s third goalkeeper, Joel Pereira, an injury that made him have to rest for six weeks. Up to now, Henderson has never recorded an appearance alongside senior squad for Manchester United. Henderson‘s last appearance on the Manchester United bench happen on the fifth round of the FA Cup last year, when The Red Devils faced Shrewsbury.

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