Zlatan Ibrahimovic was asked to hold onto Manchester United

Chris Smalling praised the role of Zlatan Ibrahimovic at Manchester United in this season. Smalling ever wish Ibrahimovic persist and soon extended his contract at MU.
The former captain of the national team in Sweden that were carried off The Red Devils from Paris Saint-Germain on transfer of stock early this season for free. Along with Manchester United, Ibrahimovic signed a contract until 30 June 2017.
Even though the 35-year-old, Zlatan Ibrahimovic still shows first. He was able to collect 23 goals from 35 matches that have already traveled on this season.
The latest, Ibrahimovic elections caused three goals at once brought Manchester United a 3-0 victory over Saint-Etienne in the first leg game of the Champions Leagueat Old Trafford, Thursday (16/2/2017).
However, the duration of work shared Ibracadabra Red Devils will be over at the end of this season. Discussion of new contract former Barcelona and AC Milan star stillhas yet to agree to meet.340
I definitely want to see Zlatan survive here, because you can see how his performance this year and the goal which he had printed. If we can defend players like him as long as we can, all the players MU will be very happy, “said Smalling.
I’m not sure how long he could continue to appear nice, but I don’t think age is an obstacle for him. He has played a lot of matches, just like the rest of the players on the team and also contribute. It depends on how long he wants to continue to playgood, “he continued.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic will return to being a mainstay when Manchester United meets Blackburn Rovers, in the fifth round of the FA Cup game at Ewood Park, Sunday(19/2/2017).
Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger, indicating that he will still handle the clubs until the age of 71 years to match the accomplishments of the former his rival, Sir Alex Ferguson.
At the moment, Wenger was in pressure after the performance of Arsenal back slack. Lastly, The Gunners were massacred in Bavaria in Munich with a score of 1-5 in the round of 16 of the Champions League.
The defeat makes Liverpool’s supporters are demanding the Club to finalize my camaraderie with Wenger. According to its supporters, it is time the Club looking for a new Manager to replace The Professor.
Although it gets a lot of pressure, Wenger tried addressing the demands of supporters quietly. He indicated will still continue his career as a Manager with the name Alex Ferguson as a role model.
“Alex Ferguson retires at the age of 71 years old and I am currently 67 years old. Maybe I can get through the achievement of Ferguson, or perhaps before that.
Everyone has a different career journey. Ferguson underwent a remarkable career and he feels if his time is complete. Currently, I have not felt it when my time is up, “said Wenger.
The Club of origin France, Paris Saint-Germain, is rumored to be willing to accommodate Wenger if Arsenal decides not to continue working with the Manager.
Wenger‘s contract along with Arsenal expires at the end of the 2016-17 season. Until now, the management still has not offered a new contract to the Manager. But Wenger still stated that he always made the Arsenal as a priority.
I will always give priority to Arsenal. I don’t think I was mature enough to analyzemy situation at the Club, “said Wenger.339
Manchester United will face Blackburn Rovers at Ewood Park in the fifth round of the FA Cup matches (19/2/2017). This game will be a meeting of two clubs that never had the title of champion of the Premier League.
Manchester United ensured a place in the fifth round of the FA Cup after a convincing win over Wigan Athletic. Then, Jose Mourinho‘s squad would shave Wigan 40.
Ahead of the action, Mourinho ensured it will drop the best squads. Origin of the Portugal Manager sure if Manchester United can cope with Blackburn due to face experienced teams from the Division Championship.
“We have faced a Reading and Wigan which is a club from the Championship. So this is nothing new for Manchester United to try out clubs from divis. We realize that if they deny us. First, we’re not playing a home fixture.
I will make changes, but I make sure we play the best team because I am very appreciative of this competition. Manchester United wanted to show if we are serious achievements in this competition, “said Mourinho.
While Manchester United still competed in the Premier League, Blackburn have spent the last five seasons competed in the Division Championship.
Since being relegated at the end of the 2011-12 season, the champion of the Premier League season 1994-95 has not been able to find his way back to return to the Premier League. Currently, Blackburn threatened relegated to League One after beingranked 23rd out of 24 clubs in the Championship standings.

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