Jurgen Klopp Claimed Liverpool for the stronger

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, ask the older asuhnya stay alert against Leicester City at the King Power Stadium on the weekend of the 26th game of the Premier League season 2016-2017, Monday (27/2/2017) local time.
Leicester City made a surprise moment managed to win the Premier League season for 2015-2016. Klopp which anchored at Anfied in October 2015 was only able to bring Liverpool finish eighth.
Ironically, the Leicester City first in order of the standings while the Premier League.Liverpool thus Middle scavenge desperate to qualify for the Champions League next season with entrenched in the fifth.
According to Klopp, Leicester are now in a phase of the resurrection. Origin of the Germany Manager assumes The Foxes will rise after the swoop in the FA Cup from Millwall.
“Of course, it’s a difficult situation for Leicester. They fight 100 percent in the League at this time. They may realize there is nothing to do other than stick around and concentrate fully on the League, “said Klopp.
“We could face Leicester, playing with renewed vigor to survive in the Premier League. We still had opportunities to win but we must be vigilant in action later, “said the Manager of the origin of Germany.
Liverpool came to King Power Stadium by bringing a bad experience. In February 2016, they capitulated from Leicester with the score 0-0. Two goals in The Foxes at that time diborong Jamie Vardy.
The Chelsea Manager, Antonio Conte, assess if John Terry remains an important figure for The Blues after appear alluring in the match against Wolverhampton Wanderers at Molineux Stadium in the fifth round of the FA Cup season 2016-2017, Saturday(18/2/2017).Placeholder Image
Terry appeared as a starter when Chelsea win two goals without reply over Wolverhampton Wanderers. Conte claims to be satisfied with the performance of a 36-year-old Defender.
Conte plays Terry since the early minutes. 32-year-old Defender helped The Blues stepped into the quarter-finals thanks to a 2-0 victory over the host.
According to Conte, Terry showed a great performance and showed his leadership as team captain.
“I want to affirm that every player deserves to play. I am happy to give them a chance, but not because of my feeling or thinking the right way to give every player deserves what they get, “said Conte.
“John Terry deserves the game appeared in and played very well. I’m excited for him, for me, she remains a very important player, team captain and influential both inside and outside the field. He helped me a lot. I am very happy to have him in the squad and also get to know his personality, “said Conte.
Terry‘s new record 11 appearances in a variety of event along with Chelsea all season 2016-2017. The Blues Captain contract that would expire in June 2017.
Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, asking the children asuhnya to forget minor results in some of the last game, and become stronger in the rest of this season.
The Red squads appeared on his early season 2016-2017. Won the 13 victories and four draw in 19 matches in the Premier League to make Hodgson remain in second place.
However, the trend of good began to decline since the turn of the year. The Reds only two WINS from 11 games last in the entire pageant competition.
The two victories it was when silence Plymouth Argyle by a score of 2-0 in the FA Cup third round matches, 18 January 2017, and a 2-0 win over Tottenham Hotspur in the 25th week of action Premier League on February 11, 2017.
The sequence of bad results it makes Liverpool now blasted into the top five while the Premier League standings with a value of 49, left behind 11 points from Chelseawho are at the top of the standings. Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom and the League Cup, the FA Cup, they have stalled.Placeholder Image
“So, let’s use the experiences we made this year, let’s learn from that bad results and Yes, we must become stronger after all this. The future is still bright, “said Klopp.
“This is a long-term project, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t ambitious in this season, he said.
Liverpool has no match on this week‘s agenda. For clubs in the United Kingdom the middle fifth round matches live FA Cup. The Reds will be back in a match against Leicester City at the King Power Stadium, on the weekend of the 26th game Premier League, 27 February 2017.

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