Evidence of one accord Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Paul Pogba

Various comments out of Manchester United’s Manager, Jose Mourinho, over asuhnya children bend Blackburn Rovers, Sunday (19/2/2017) or Monday (20/2/2017) early morning GMT. Mourinho heaped praise for Ibrahimovic and Paul Pogba, in addition there is one thing that makes her fear, namely a rematch.
On laga V Round FA Cup 2016-2017, the Ewood Park Stadium, Manchester Unitedwon with a score of 2-1. Manchester United left it first in the 17th minute after Sergio Romero nets collapse thanks to spurn the left leg Danny Graham.
Manchester United have reacted. Ten minutes later, Marcus Rashford equalize, after completing a counteroffensive Henrikh Mkhitaryan quarterback dikreasi. Ibrahimovic becomes determinant via golnya on 75 minutes.
Manchester United meet Chelsea in the FA Cup quarterfinals VI or, at Stamford Bridge Stadium, Saturday (11/3/2017). Here’s some interesting comments Jose Mourinho after the Manchester United victory.
1. Justin Meets Chelsea
Jose Mourinho admitted to not think of the counter Chelsea game. He would think of the party versus the Saint-Etienne in the Europa League. “We must fight in order that the maximum could be in the big four zone standings while the Premier League, so also in the arena League and the League Cup final, United Kingdom“.
It is possible that Chelsea is only thinking about the FA Cup because they think it’s certainly earned his champion Premiership, while we are still struggling. Chelsea notplaying anywhere else, just the FA Cup outside the Premier League. So, for Chelsea,the FA Cup is very important, “explained Mourinho.United Kingdom players suffered at Man City and Chelsea
Mourinho claimed to not want to discuss the counter Chelsea game related. It is set around the entire Manchester United fixture occurred during March, started the Europa League, Premier League, FA Cup and League Cup final United Kingdom.
2. Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Pogba
When I had the key players on the bench, I will try to give a difference effect by playing them. Sometimes hope it does not happen because they can’t play nice, but all depends on the players, and mental PogbaIbrahimovic gives a positive effect,
Jose Mourinho revealed he talked with Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, while the rest of the first half. “At this moment, I hope they can give you a lot of things on the field, especially with their habits. So, I am happy with this victory. We deserve the win, “explained Mourinho.
Mourinho revealed, Blackburn Rovers knocked out of the arena better FA Cup. “So they can berkonsenstrasi out of the zone it is difficult in the Championship Division,” he said.
3. Fear of live action Birthday
Jose Mourinho was grateful to Manchester United could win over Blackburn Rovers.It makes Manchester United avoid repeated party aka the replay. If that happens, Mourinho claims to be unable to think what going to happen.
I am sure if the party anniversary took place in Old Trafford Stadium will be a disaster. This result is very good, although the pemainku would be ready if it happens the party anniversary, “stated Mourinho.
4. The effects of Confidence
Mourinho is considered key to the success of Manchester United tackle Blackburn Rovers is consistency on the field and confidence. These conditions make the Manchester United can get out of the pressure after they conceded first.
Nicer than forth my hosts Blackburn, which is just situated in the Championship Division. Blackburn gave the resistance, but I enjoyed against the players which perform wonderfully, “said Mourinho.United Kingdom players suffered at Man City and Chelsea
5. Thank you, Ball Boy!
Jose Mourinho is grateful towards the ‘ performance fans in attendance at Ewood Park. For him, the existence of a Manchester United supporter made the game consistently, especially when catch up from the home team.
Seain it, Mourinho considers the performance of referee is nice. The referee was very calm and cool. The referee made it all under control. So also with the ball boy next to me who was brilliant. He’s a smart kid, “refer to Mourinho.

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